Methods, processes and workflows

Configure and manage different types of methods, processes and workflows

EIT is designed to support operations to establish steering processes to handle virtually all types of regulations and standards existing today, and which will be in the future.

Common to many EU directives, laws and regulations, industry standards, etc., is that they require your businesses to identify which parts you are concerned with and how, to analyze how events, risks, compliance and training are documented and reported to regulatory authorities. All this EIT support you to handle, with a high degree of automation as well.

Full business coverage

EIT is designed from the ground up to support the entire business, both in internal business processes and supply chains that concern suppliers and partners.

Everyone, from the board, committees, management teams, managers, specialist functions and regulatory officers, system and process owners, employees, consultants and suppliers, can share information, report, do follow-up and implement actions based on granted permissions.


EIT is designed from the ground to support the lifecycle of all processes and data you use in the system. This means that when you want to adjust the management system based on new or updated regulations, standards or business processes, EIT will support you.

Client support

All users can work via web browsers from computers, tablets and mobile phones.

There are no requirements for plug-ins or other client installations.

Web browsers that can be used are for example Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Firefox.