SSO, security and data storage

Application security

EIT supports SSO (automatic user sign-in) via MS Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, OpenID connect, SAML 2.0, oAuth 2.0, WS-Federation and Google SSO.

The software in EIT has been developed with security in mind from the first code line. EIT is developed based on proven development methods and code patterns.

Acrea conducts recurring security audits and various types of security-related tests, internally and with the help of external security experts.

Acrea continously follows the development of various types of security threats and techniques to address them. Examples of such sources of information are OWASP and information from suppliers of the software components used in the development of EIT.

EIT Cloud

EIT Cloud is an operating service that meets the very high security requirements from for example banks and insurance companies in terms of physical security, redundancy, encryption, data storage, backup, power supply, cooling, fire safety, EMP and other important factors.

EIT Cloud is located in Sweden. All operations and data storage takes place in Sweden.

For security reasons, EIT Cloud delivers a separate environment for each customer. EIT Cloud, of course, supports secure integration with your internal systems.