Information mapping
Ensure information management with EIT

Map all types of information management, not just personal data that is highly relevant through the GDPR Directive, in your business processes, IT systems, and more.

Easily reach out to all system owners, process owners, or other targets who need to be involved in your information mapping.

Ensure with EIT that your mapping is maintained in the future. You no longer need to start inefficient and expensive projects to map what information is used in which systems, processes or other areas.

Follow-up and reports

Search, sort, filter and group asset and information related control, risk, event and training data in different ways.

View different charts, statistics, and details about contract data. Easily save and update your favorite report settings..

Enable support for managers to easily monitor assets and information management in their part of the organization.


Easily manage who can create, update and do follow-up of different types of asset data.

Client support

All users can work via web browsers from computers, tablets and mobile phones.

There are no requirements for plug-ins or other client installations.

Web browsers that can be used are for example Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Firefox.