Improve governance

All management perspectives

The ability to create effective management, risk and compliance processes throughout the business is becoming more and more crucial to ensure long-term competitiveness and success.

With EIT you can handle all your management system perspectives, such as quality management systems, information security management systems, environmental management systems, risk management systems, and much more.

The power, efficiency and capabilities of handling all management perspectives from one system - EIT - are huge, cautiously expressed.

Support for everyone

EIT is designed to support the entire business, both in internal business processes and supply chains that concern suppliers and partners.

Everyone from the board, committees, management teams, managers, specialist functions and regulatory officers, system and process owners, employees, consultants and suppliers; can share information, report, follow-up and implement actions based on the needs and permissions of each person.


EIT is designed from the ground to support the lifecycle of all processes and data you use in the system.

When you want to add new perspectives or update existing ones in your management system, EIT will support you.

Client support

All users can work via web browsers from computers, tablets and mobile phones.

There are no requirements for plug-ins or other client installations.

Web browsers that can be used are for example Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Firefox.