All roles and stakeholders

Everyone's in

Increasing demands from authorities, customers, partners and competitors highlight the obvious and immediate need for better control in most organizations. On top of this comes the important issue of efficiency. The time and effort required to maintain a basic level of internal and external control with manual routines or spread systems is often an overwhelming burden for many organizations.

EIT is developed with an overall and life-cycle perspective. You get structure, overview and details.

All roles and stakeholders can easily contribute and share information in EIT, of course, based on responsibilities and permissions.

Management teams and managers

EIT helps you to govern operatively and strategically at the level you choose. All information is available - use it to streamline and improve business.

Specialists and asset owners

EIT helps managers and specialists in different areas to easily reach their target groups with the right information and provides follow-up opportunities and compilations, such as for reporting to management teams and committees.

Employees and consultants

EIT provides employees and consultants (this of course applies to other stakeholders as well) a place to report and get information in a safe and very user-friendly manner.

Suppliers and partners

EIT provides suppliers and partners with a place to report and get information in a safe and very user-friendly manner.

Owners, boards and committees

EIT is a gold mine of information to use for follow-up of current situation, in running business operations and before strategic decision-making.

Information in the EIT can easily be made available, for example, to members of the board.

Easily manage permissions to create, update and perform follow-up of information.
Client support

Users can work via web browsers from computers, tablets and mobile phones.

There are no requirements for plug-ins or other client installations.

Web browsers that can be used are for example Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Firefox.