Internal control and audit
Create and manage internal control and audit plans

Easily create and manage internal control plans. Take advantage of the EIT usage in control reporting, risk assessments, event reporting, and e-Learning. Therefore, there is a gold mine of data to use for your internal control planning.

Easily create and manage control structures and target the organization, product owners, service owners, process owners, system owners, information owners, and more. Set when and how targets should be notified to report.

Work with triggering of sub-controls or risks at different control responses, and more.

Automatic target management

EIT automatically monitors which persons (including external, such as consultants, suppliers, and partners) to be notified and reminded of reporting on controls based on designated targets and reporting periods.

If new persons are registered or change positions in the organization, EIT automatically checks if the persons belong to control target groups and notifies them. Organization data is usually synced to EIT from a data source, resulting in full automation to connect controls to target groups, even in organizational changes.

Target group reporting

Targets are automatically notified by email when controls are to be reported and get a simple overview of controls per target group to which they belong - it is that simple. When and how often reporting reminders are sent by EIT depends on the control settings.

Target groups can always easily view pending reporting, prior reporting, and future reporting needs.

Follow-up and reports

Search, sort, filter and group control data in different ways. Make selections to view all control reporting, for one or more controls, countries, departments, business roles, people, products, services, processes, systems, information, or other selections.

View different charts, statistics, and details of control reporting. Easily save and update your favorite report settings.

Enable support for managers to easily do follow-up of their part of the organization.

Easily manage who can create, update and do follow-up of different control sets.
Client support

All users can work via web browsers from computers, tablets and mobile phones.

There are no requirements for plug-ins or other client installations.

Web browsers that can be used are for example Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Firefox.